One of the best food challenges in London!

There are many food challenges in London these days but none of them are symbiotically as challenging and sumptuous as the Octoberfest Pub’s Lumberjack Double knuckle Challenge. To complete this epic challenge you’ll have to take on two incredibly succulent slow-roasted pork knuckles served on a bed of crispy fries with sides of potato salad and sauerkraut. This is topped off with a stein of ice cold, imported Bavarian beer.,

The challenge provided by West London’s most loved Bavarian Beer Hall is not for the feint hearted and must be consumed in 45 minutes. The challenge costs £35, and if you conquer this trial (that has defeated many a lumberjack) then you receive your own specially crafted 1.5 litre glass boot to commemorate the occasion. Over 2,000 people have tried the challenge and only 7 have beaten it (there is only space for the mightiest of Lumberjacks on our wall of fame!) . Here are some of the comments from people that have tried it.

Despite unbuttoning my belt I was defeated just over halfway through” - one pork knuckle, most of the chips and the potato salad." - Chris

“What a challenge! The pork just falls off the bone! I’m quite surprised the win rate on this one is this low as the quantity of food for the given time limit is quite generous.” (who beat the time in record time 18 minutes and 46 seconds)" – Andrey

If you have a look around the pub, you’ll like what you see. Having spent a fair amount of time in Germany, especially its beer halls, the Octoberfest team have done a really good job of recreating the warm, friendly atmosphere of the Bavarian Beer Halls from which it takes its inspiration. The serving staff wear full traditional lederhosen and bustle merrily around, the traditional beer hall style tables and benches.

Regular Oompah bands on Friday and Saturday nights guarantee a festive night out and birthdays receive a special gift on arrival. The kitchen serves up all the traditional German classics like schnitzel, currywurst, pretzels and every type of sausage under the sun insizeable portions, and there's over 60 different types of imported German beer available to try.

The Octoberfest Pub is located in Fulham, close to the Parson Green station at 678-680 Fulham Road, so if you or your friends are up for a challenge make your way down and release your inner Lumberjack!.

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