Four Bavarian dishes worth eating all year round.

If you do not happen to be one of the lucky millions who get to participate in the Oktoberfest festivities in Bavaria, never fear, as we have brought a taste of Bavaria to you right here on Fulham Road! So, without further ado, here are the four Bavarian dishes to try all year round.

Weisswurst (Bavarian White Sausage)

This traditional Barvarian sausage literally translates to "white sausage”, which speaks for its appearance, it is made from minced veal and pork and comes seasoned with parsley, lemon, mace, onions and ginger. Usually these sausages are served in a pot of hot water alongside a brezeln (pretzel), senf (mustard) and a weissbier (wheat beer) for this is what is known in Germany as a traditional Bavarian breakfast which in German is translated into Weißwurstfrühstück. In fact, there is a saying in Bavaria that "the sausages should not be allowed to hear the noon chime of the church bells” as this dish is usually not served outside of morning hours, however this rule doesn’t apply down with us here on Fulham Road! Here you can order your very own Weisswurst which comes served alongside with one of our freshly baked Pretzels

Käsespätzle (Bavarian Cheese Pasta)

This vegetarian friendly dish is an all time favourite during Oktoberfest and in fact, is a particularly well known and loved dish in the southern parts of Germany! Not only is this dish one of my personal favourites but it is also the ultimate comfort food. Made from fresh egg pasta and then topped with tons of melted cheese and finished off with caramelised onions, this dish is any cheese lovers delight, however, it is also very filling therefore this dish is usually enjoyed with something quite light like a garden salad however. We serve the dish with your choice of either a garden salad or sauerkraut, whichever one takes your fancy!!

Halb Hendl (Half Roast Chicken)

Fun fact, did you know that nearly 500,000 Hendl (Chickens) are consumed every year during Oktoberfest? Yes, thats right, 500,000, rows upon rows of Hendl are rubbed with various spices and then roasted until they are golden and crispy! This dish is served traditionally and comes seasoned with traditional Bavarian spices and crisped to perfection. For a little extra oomph for your taste buds, go ahead and ask for some of our sweet senf (mustard) to go with it, you wont be disappointed.

Schweinshaxe (Pork Knuckle)

This Bavarian classic is immensely popular all year round however during the Oktoberfest season it becomes a crowd favourite is the pork shank is traditionally roasted with dark beer and onions, and comes served on the bone with its own crackling! The meat is marinated for weeks and is so tender that it falls off the bone. This dish is traditionally served with potatoes and a generous serving of sauerkraut and it pairs well with a Dunkel/Dark wheat beer or Helles!

So, if you are stuck for ideas of what to cook for dinner tonight, why not come down and sample some of Bavaria’s finest cuisine right here in London.

For bookings email or call 02077 365293.

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