“A Bavarian Football Oasis in The English Capital”

I asked myself: “What is the Bayern Munich Official UK Fan Club”?

So, I started back working at the Octoberfest Pub and was curious about this fan club. Then, I started to do some research to learn more. Along with my own research, I also talked to one of the founders of the pub and a few customers and other staff members.

Our founders created the club in 2005 because of all the Bayern fans that where coming to watch games at the Octoberfest Pub. We now have one of the biggest and longest running Bayern Fan clubs outside of Germany. I discovered that our great Bavarian inspired pub is the actual clubhouse of the official Bayern Munich UK fan club.

On a regular basis, fans meet up to watch all the matches at our clubhouse; all Bayern Munich games are shown Live (where at all possible). The clubhouse also serves as a meeting point for tours and/or matches that our fan club is attending.

During the build up to the Champions League Final 2013, English Sky Sports came in and filmed. The fan Club made an appearance on French TV during the build up to the final too. German Sky Sports also came; they joined in with filming too! We have also made appearances in The Evening Standard and had some of our Bayern Munich fans requested to appear on Soccer AM.

In 2017 ESPN came to the club house in London, to broadcast the crowd cheering for Bayern Munich when they played Arsenal in the Champion League. They spoke to fans and also allowed their celebrity guest, former footballer Don Hutchinson, pose for photos with our fans.

Then I wondered what are the benefits if someone joins the fan club. Well, when they come to the clubhouse, they receive 10% off on their food. There are times where we acquire tickets for the fans to attend games and members receive priority notification on availability of these tickets. When they join they receive a special gift. We have a page on Facebook where the fans can talk to each other about upcoming matches and we provide news on what is happening with Bayern Munich club in Germany through the season and year-round.

I also learned that the fan club is in the process of updating it is website and they just appointed a new President “Paul Yates”. He is always here for the matches and brings his friends with him. I was surprised when I found out he was English; as all this time I thought he was German.

It’s exciting to learn all this about Bayern Munich and I am getting caught in the fever of their passion. I am hoping that if the tickets don’t sell out, my boss will give me one so I can go and experience the fan experience in Munich for myself.

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