Interesting Facts of the region where our beers come from.

Read this blog to find out how you can get a free drink in December.

  • Did you know Munich’s oldest structure isn’t a church or town hall, but a toilet! It is as old as from the year 1260! It was found during excavations at the Marienhof.

  • Almost half of all German breweries are in Bavaria. In total, there are approximately 1,300 breweries in Germany producing over 5,000 brands of beer. The highest density of breweries in the world is found in Aufseß near the city of Bamberg, in the Franconia region of Bavaria with four breweries and only 1,352 citizens.

  • Did you know the FC Bayern Munich has more than 6 million Facebook fans? That is more than the following 10 German football clubs together.

  • Did you know one stein of beer contains approximately the same amount of alcohol as 8 shots.

  • Did you know Munich is located more south than Vienna?

  • Did you know the US Hard rock band Mötley Crüe added the typical German dots over the vowels because their favourite beer is Löwenbräu, which is from Munich? (You can get it in our pub and see for yourself if it is that good!)

  • Did you know back in the days the word “München” (German for “Munich”) was used as another word for “to castrate” in some parts of Germany?

  • Did you know during Oktoberfest season the escalators in Munich go faster?

  • Beer boots (Bierstiefel in German) have over a century of history and culture behind them. It is commonly believed that a general somewhere promised his troops to drink beer from his boot if they were successful in battle. When the troops prevailed, the general had a glassmaker fashion a boot from glass to fulfill his promise without tasting his own feet and to avoid spoiling the beer in his leather boot. Come try a Beer Boot at our pub!

  • Did you know the Bavarian dialect is about to become extinct, so the UNESCO made it a cultural asset Germany’s?

  • Did you know “Fingerhaken” (lit. transl.: finger hooking) is an actual sport in Bavaria? Two people sit at a table across from each other, hook their fingers in and try to pull the other one over the table.

  • Did you know beer is officially considered a food in Bavaria?

  • Did you know Munich is further north than any major US city (excluding Alaska)?

  • Did you know I have to write a blog every two weeks?

  • Did you know while it is called Oktoberfest, it actually starts in September?

  • Did you know the first Oktoberfest was a wedding celebration for Prince Ludwig of Bavaria? (If you read the blog from a couple of weeks ago, you did know.)

  • Did you know famous Bavarians include Pope Benedict XVI, Richard Wagner, Richard Straus, Thomas Mann, Levi Strauss, and Rudolf Diesel?

  • Did you know that Ludwig is our Mascot? Have your picture taken at the pub with Ludwig and post on Facebook and get a free shot of schnapps.

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