Oktoberfest? What does it all mean?

So it’s that time of year again… Oktoberfest has officially kicked off in Munich for its 184th time! But what does it all mean? We sent our new GM Claire on a mission to find out!

The word Oktoberfest conjures up images of busty barmaids in ‘that’ outfit, massive beer tents and millions of steins of beer but it is, of course, steeped in hundreds of years of history. So let’s get beyond the foreigners downing das boot and see what it’s all about and why it is the spectacle it is today.

So we all love a good wedding reception shin dig with lots of booze, right? Luckily this is where it all began in the year 1810. On the 12th of October Prince Ludwig (later to be King) married Princess Therese on the fields in front of the city gates. This is where the festivities are still held today with the fields now being named Theresienwiese or Therese’s Fields. They threw a huge party to celebrate their nuptials and invited all citizens of Munich to eat, drink and party for a full 5 days. Can our royal family do this too please? It was such a blast that the citizens decided that it should become a yearly thing and I don’t blame them!

During the 19th century it was decided that the festival should move forwards a few weeks purely for meteorological reasons as no one wants to drink outside in the cold! It has of course now evolved into one of the biggest parties on earth lasting around 17 days, having over 6 million visitors and serving a staggering 8 million litres of beer! Surprising the German’s still make up over 80% of the party goers but if you want some fellow Brits you can normally find them in the Hofbrau tent!

5 Oktoberfest Fun Facts…

The biggest beer tent has a capacity of nearly 10,000 people!

There are over 12,000 people working at the festival each year!

There are over 168 Oktoberfest apps to assist you while you are there, so pick wisely!

In 2015 480 mobile phones were lost throughout the festival (god damn drinking!)

All the urinals equal 878m in length. Well, all that beer has to go somewhere!

If this sounds like your kind of party you can still make this year if you get your skates on! Or plan ahead and look to next year. Why not check out our good friends at Busabout to make the most of your trip?

And of course if Germany is a little too far then just pop on down to Fulham road and party just as if you were at the real thing!!!

For bookings email info@octoberfestpub.com or call 02077365293

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