Oktoberfest food throughout the year - Episode 2: Brezel

Have you ever eaten your pretzel and wondered whether or not it was real? Neither have we. Still, we’re selling what we call an “authentic” pretzel at our pub. So, we shouldn’t only have thought about it, but also know exactly where ours come from.

The latter we know. We’ve got a great supplier and they always send us the same perfect quality pretzels they make themselves.

Where does it come from exactly, though? Well, even the experts keep arguing. The only thing that can be taken for granted is that pretzels originally come from Southern Germany. It could be Bavaria, but it could just as well be Swabia (a part of Baden-Württemberg). We couldn’t say, but let’s pretend it to be Bavaria. If you’ve ever wanted to know what the differences between the different types of pretzels are anyway, please have a look at the info graphic below. Yes, it’s in German, but you’ll see the difference; at least we hope you do. ;)

Yep, we’ve tried them all and of course we like the typical Bavarian pretzel best. An interesting fact about our favourite pretzel is that the Bavarian term for it is actually a protected geographical indication (PGI) by the European Commision. The trademarks registered, or rather PGI, are “Bayerische Brezn”, “Bayerische Brezen”, “Bayerische Brenzel” and “Bayerische Brez’n”. Yes, seriously! The original Bavarian pretzel is even specifically defined as “(…) a traditional lye pastry, [with] a deep-glazed, copper-coloured crust, against which a light contrast is produced by the rugged cracks that form during the baking process.” Can’t believe us? Find the whole thing linked in our sources below. Wow, those Germans do take their pretzels – sorry, Brez’n – seriously!

However, we must give them that: Those pretzels are delicious and they sure go extremely well with German beer! Besides, have you ever tried pretzels from somewhere north of the river Main (the so-called “Weißwurst-equator”)? They just don’t know how to do it right. You could just as well order a dull bread roll elsewhere – their pretzels sadly do not taste any different.

Of course this is only our very own opinion, but we must say that we do feel strongly about our pretzels. Otherwise, we wouldn’t go to great length to source our “Bayerische Brez’n” for you at Octoberfest Pub.

What about you? Do you like pretzels? Where do you get your fix?





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