Oktoberfest food throughout the year Episode 1: Schweinshaxe

Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle or pork shank in English) has always been a staple of the Oktoberfest in Munich. Thousands of “Haxen” are eaten by visitors each year (80,259 in 2014, to give you an idea). So, what is a Schweinshaxe? Let’s have a look at this graphic:

The darker coloured parts in this illustration are what the Germans either call “Eisbein” or “Schweinshaxe”, depending on where they live in Germany and how the pork knuckle is prepared. Do not, we repeat, do NOT make the mistake and use these terms interchangeably. Why not? Because Eisbein (usually used in Northern Germany) is cured and cooked, whereas Schweinshaxe (usually used in Southern Germany - especially Bavaria!) is marinated and roasted. Now you know, you can go around educating people! ;)

Of course, we want you to leave this page hungry, so here is a picture of what the Schweinshaxe at the Octoberfest Pub looks like:

Yummie, right? Schweinshaxe is a great starting point for your Oktoberfest night out every Friday and Saturday at the Octoberfest Pub – or any other night, really. It is very savoury and therefore an amazing base for drinking German beer. You will see how much more you can drink on a base like this!

Now is probably the best time for eating Schweinshaxe. It gets colder outside and you crave something savoury. You also crave something different from your usual Sunday roast. You’d like to eat something that goes well with your favourite German beer… You get the idea. Although we do recommend Schweinshaxe all year, now is the time to try it to get hooked and have a great evening out.

Granted, Schweinshaxe might not be for everyone. Still, if you’re curious and like to try new things, just go for it! We’re sure you’ll love it and have it again and again.

Hungry? Good! Do you think you are up for our Double Knuckle Challenge? You’d have to finish two pork knuckles as well as sides of chips, sauerkraut and a bowl of German-style potato salad within 45 minutes – on your own, of course. You’ll have a stein of Löwenbräu with it to make it go down smoothly! If you make it, you’ll be on our Wall of Fame and we’ll pay you a lot of respect! You’ll even receive a certificate from us proving the size of your stomach! Make sure you book in advance here.


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  • https://www.muenchen.tv/wiesn-zahlen-daten-fakten-ueber-das-oktoberfest-118732/

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