How to tie the knot...

Did you know that you can see a Bavarian girl’s relationship status from how she wears the knot on her Dirndl? Watch out:

If a girl ties her knot on the left hand side, it means she is single. This also means she is up for a flirt and you can talk to her, even though she is sitting with her friends and enjoying a stein of Oktoberfest beer! Of course, this does not entail that she will fall for you, but it’s worth a try!

The tie on the right hand side means that this girl is taken. She may be in a relationship or even married. So, if you do not want to get a “Watschn” (slap), we recommend you’d rather not ask her out. General small talk is ok, though.

When a girl wears the knot in the middle at the front, it could mean two things: She is either a virgin (!) or simply is not sure about her relationship status. It is advised not to comment on either. Just talking to her about the weather (or whatever other safe topic comes to mind) is perfectly fine. Maybe you’ll realise you’ve got a lot of things in common and this could become the beginning of a perfect friendship?!

Tying the knot in the middle of the back of the Dirndl could also mean two things: The sadder version is her being a widow. Sounds like the perfect chat-up line as long as her deceased husband has not recently passed away… Might just turn out she’s still mourning, though, or else she’d surely wear the knot on the left… The second meaning of this way of wearing the knot on the Dirndl is simply that they’re a waitress and wear the dress for work. In this case, though not always recommended, you can try your luck and ask for her number or her relationship status in general.

So, just by paying close attention to how Bavarian girls (and women!) wear the knot on their Dirndls, you could find out about their relationship status. In any case, you will find out that Bavarians can be quite talkative, even though rumour has it that Germans in general are rather reserved.

Have you noticed this before? Do you think our Fräuleins are doing this? Ask them the next time you come in! ;)

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